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White Swiss Shepherd Dog (Berger Blanc Suisse)
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White Alsatian - White Shepherd Dog from White Energy
White Shepherd Dogs - Puppies from the breeding White Energy, Germany

Are you looking for a puppy? Welcome to the Ruhrgebiet , in the heart of Nordrhein Westfalen

• Share our passion for these white bundles of energy - the White Shepherd dogs of White Energy
• The official breed name: White Swiss Shepherd Dog (Berger Blanc Suisse)
• For over 10 years we have been breeding the white shepherd dogs with great success - our puppies are unique...
• At the moment our pack consists of 8 dogs, that have won outstanding awards and have pedigrees worth seeing
• You may book a White Shepherd in advance

>> We expect puppies ...

The character of the White Shepherd Dog
• In character and appearance the White Shepherd is very distinct from the German Sheppard
• The White Shepherd is intelligent, friendly with children, attentive, loyal, watchful, alert, easy to teach and to train
• The ideal family dog, that needs close contact and is well sociable with other pets
• The dog is well suited as a guide dog, companion dog, guard dog, rescue dog or search dog.
• The White Shepherd needs exercise and challenges - he is well suited for all kinds of dog sports

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